Kopess Headquarters – Cudahy, WI

Contact: Emmanuel Kambouris 414-431-8450

email: office@kopessinc.com

Kopess Manufacturing products are locally represented in Wisconsin and the upper peninsula of Michigan by Tighe-Zeman Equipment, LLC.

N50 W13740 Overview Drive, Suite G

Menomonee Falls, WI 53051-7062

Phone: 262-781-4500  Fax: 262-781-4515


Daniel C. Tighe, P.E.

Cell: 414-254-0570    Email: dan@tighe-zeman.com


Danny Tighe

Cell: 262-224-9224    Email: dan@tighe-zeman.com


Timothy Bleach

Cell: 414-322-4317    Email: tim@tighe-zeman.com


Matt Parker

Cell: 414-810-9396    Email: matt@tighe-zeman.com


Erik Browne

Cell: 414-610-4959    Email: erik@tighe-zeman.com